We work closely with local primary and secondary schools, and welcome 2 work experience placements a year. This week we have been joined by Ben who is in year 10 at Meden School.

Ben has been getting stuck in with helping out across all of our departments. He tells us about his placement.

Since my work experience placement started on Monday the 9th I have enjoyed my time here doing various things which include putting up paintings for The Open Exhibition, putting price tags out on the shop floor I also got the chance to visit Hilary Bower’s studio which was a real privilege.

Hilary showed me how she did her work. She uses loads of different materials she mainly does mix-media. She did tell me that she used to do colourful abstract paintings but then she found that she could experiment and do better in more mix-media. Her work now is not colour it is black and white but her work is inspiring with how she does it.

Also while I was with Chris and Susan setting up for The Open Exhibition I took some photographs of behind the scenes putting paintings up. You would be amazed of how long it takes for them to put them up and the time and effort that is put in doing it!

You can see some of Ben’s photographs below, which document his work with the exhibitions team working on Silence  Space  Shadow by Hilary Bower and the 2015 Harley Open Exhibition. He’s also selected a few photos of his favourite exhibits for you to enjoy:

These pieces of work by Hilary are my favourites with the way she has made them 3D instead of when everyone does their pieces 2D but these ones just took my eye over the others.

The drawings and paintings from The Open Exhibition are my favourites because the turtle ones are drawn with a biro pen and the jigsaw ones are drawn by a pencil. I love the detail they have put in these also the bottom one is nice because that is just done by a paint brush and they have also put loads of detail in which I really like.

I have also been with Dayle in the odd afternoons she has shown what her job involves she has to set up kids clubs but also provide the work and examples of the activities she does for the young people. She recently gave me a task to do which was making an example for the upcoming club which is “Hands on Holidays” these clubs give children enough time to be as creative as they would like. Dayle also runs the Creative Space which I am providing an example for. There are various sheets with tasks on them and they have to do the tasks in their little books called the Harley Art Pad.

Since I have been here I have enjoyed everything that I have had to do so far. I do not regret coming here for my work placement and I wish to visit the gallery in the upcoming future as I enjoyed myself. I think these exhibitions will be really good as there is quality paintings from Hilary’s exhibition through to the Open Exhibition the Gallery is doing.

If you would like to find out more about work experience placements at The Harley Gallery, visit our Learning pages.