For The Open Exhibition, The Harley Gallery invites artists from far and wide, whether professional or amateur, to enter their work in this bi-ennial competition.

On the selection panel for 2015 are:

Artists: James Green, printmaker and Julian Bray, painter

Curators: Lesley Beale, Lakeside Arts Centre Nottingham, and Kirstie Hamilton, Museums Sheffield

Prizes will include The Harley Prize, £750, sponsored by The Harley Foundation, The Judges Prize, £250, sponsored by Welbeck Estates Company, The People’s Prize, £250, sponsored by Caddick Construction, and the Avonside Renewables Prize, £250.

Further prizes have been sponsored by Creswell Crags, The School of Artisan Food and The Welbeck Farm Shop.


Saturday 14 February, 1-3pm, FREE entry.

Join us to celebrate the opening of the exhibition and to discover the prizewinning artworks.

Photo: Elaine Winter, Held 1, Winner of The Harley Prize 2013


Adams, Brian. Metamorphosis 2
Adams, Brian. Metamorphosis 3
Andrew-Reichelt, Margie. The Red Carpet
Anniss, Marion. The Magpies
Askey, Jane. Traigh Rosamol
Austin, Mary. Under Milkwood. Captain Cat Dreams. Oh My Dead Dears
Barthorpe, Jill. Horse Chestnuts
Barthorpe, Jill. Blue Gate
Barthorpe, Jill. In The Trees
Beautyman, Janet. Seaweed 1
Beautyman, Janet. Seaweed 2
Bowden, Jenny. Remnant Oak Woods, Ariundle
Bowden, Jenny. Knapdale Forest
Brook, Chris. Return
Brook, Chris. Flow
Burgess, Sarah. Glancing Light 6
Burgess, Sarah. Glancing Light 4
Butler, Stephen. Tendril Lines 1
Clayton, Barbara. Flow II
Cockayne, David. Viaduct
Cropper, Andy. Little Boxes
Currell, Jacqueline. Curious
Currell, Jacqueline. Diving
Dilks, Christine. Sunlight At The Zennor
Dryden, Billie Kate. Roadside Cafes, Oasis Diner
Dryden, Billie Kate. Roadside Cafes, Keiths Kabin
Dryden, Billie Kate. Roadside Cafes, Angies Place
Du Feu, Sarah. Green And Orange Study With Painted Jugs And Eggs
Eckersley, Chris. 10 Degrees And 6 By 6
Eckersley, Chris. 10 Degrees And 7 By 7
Entwistle, Julia. Deep Blue Senses
Freear-Wyld, Janet. Raindrops 2
Freear-Wyld, Janet. Sea Splash I
Henson Lewis, Tony. Cadgwith Cove
Hewett, Matilda Mei. Elephant
Hewett, Poppy. Mrs Funny Big Head
Hewitt, Geoff. Three – WINNER The Avonside Renewables Prize
Hewitt, Geoff. Miner’s Son
Hodgkinson, Neil. Keep Your Head Up
Holding, Paul. Nexus – Series II
Howe, Viv. Walking Man I
Hudson, Val. Making Room For The River
Hudson, Val. Vessel
Jannetta, Louise. Hilton Street
Jellicoe, Colin. Monogram Cabin Noon Shadows
Kiely, Julia. Trench Warfare – The Robinhoods V
Lane, Patricia. Morning Has Broken
Leger, Olivier Marc. Whale Song – WINNER The People’s Prize sponsored by Caddick Construction
Leger, Olivier Marc. Tortue Geniale – WINNER The Judges Prize sponsored by Welbeck Estates Company
Lewis-Jones, Chris. Domestic Ritual Acoutrement No.1
Lewis-Jones, Chris. Domestic Ritual Acoutrement No.7
Lockwood, Lillie. Lenticel 12
Lockwood, Lillie. Breath
Lovitt, Lyn. Yellow Lemon Rising
Mckenna, Joseph. Fine Grained Space
Moir, Tansy Lee. Dalkeith Burred Oak
Moir, Tansy Lee. Dalkeith Reaching Oak
Morris, Eric W. Sensibility
Naimian, Louise. Paparazzi
Oldknow, Jenny. First Snow At The End Of Wyver Lane
Payne, Mandy. Calm Before The Storm
Payne, Mandy. Red Bollards
Payne, Mandy. Decanted
Penny, Colleen. It’s About The Journey
Penny, Colleen. The Spirit Of Our Ancient Woodlands
Penzer, Debora Jane. Max Runs Past
Peskett, Georgia. Remembering (Self Portrait)
Peskett, Georgia. Let My Heart Be Still A Moment
Petticrew, Susan. Saudade (No. 17)
Phillip, Ken. Hostile Territory I
Phillip, Ken. Hostile Territory II
Pick, Martin. Bank Side – WINNER The Welbeck Farm Shop Prize
Pick, Martin. Crack In Our Defences
Pick, Martin. Passage Through The Wood – WINNER The School of Artisan Food Prize
Pick, Madeline. Freuds Flowers
Platt-Hawkins, Helen. Industrial Forms 1
Platt-Hawkins, Helen. Industrial Forms 2
Platt-Hawkins, Helen. Industrial Forms 3
Pratt, Kerri. Detached
Quincey, Caroline. Object Lessons In Botany – WINNER The Creswell Crags Prize
Quincey, Caroline. Pleuronectes Platessa #2
Ray, Cath. Ripon Cathedral Choir Stalls
Ray, Jill. Chatsworth Trees, Champion Alder
Ray, Jill. Chatsworth Trees, Yew
Reid, Paula. A1
Reid, Paula. Pb
Reid, Paula. Ni
Rhodes, Steven. He Flits From Tree To Tree, Adding The Appropriate Birds
Rose Margaret. Moira’s Dog Kasper
Rudyk, Arek. Valley Of Oblivion
Rutt, Elisabeth….In Case I Forget Blue
Sharpe, Sarah. Still She Haunts Me… Alice Pleasance Liddell – WINNER The Harley Prize sponsored by The Harley Foundation
Sharpe, Sarah. Alice
Sharpe, Sarah. Love
Smith, Christopher. It Must Get Lonely At The Drop
Sparham, Bob. Winter Light
Stephenson, Anthea. On The Waterfront (at Hillsborough)
Steveson, Shirley. Sea Kale Dungeness
Steveson, Shirley. Sea Kale Dungeness
Stokes, Helen. Bump
Sutcliffe-Fuller, Catherine. Still Life With New Fencing
Sutcliffe-Fuller, Catherine. Lime On The Land
Sutcliffe-Fuller, Catherine. Ponds For The Newts
Tricker, Maude. Captain Cat’s Nightmare
Warren, Polly. Windflowers
Warren, Polly. Songbird
Watson, A. Rosemary. Remembered Imagined Experienced XL.XXXII
Wells, Kate. Playing In Clouds
Wells, Kate. Gliding I
Wells, Roanna. Diamond Jubilee, Buckingham Palace London 2012
Wells, Roanna. World Youth Day Madrid 2011
Wallis, Linda. End House, Egypt Road Nottingham
Wiersma, Herb. Gueridonpig
Williams, Sean. Dead End
Williams, Sean. Tell Someone
Williams, Sean. The Other Half
Wilson, Leslie. Rust Belt
Wilson Smith ARE, Jane A. Two Spoons
York, Peter. From Below
York, Peter. The Quadrangle