The Harley Open gives us an exciting insight into what Britain’s artists are making now. We love getting entries from established artists but it’s just as important to us to see work by people who are just starting out, or maybe haven’t shown their work in a gallery very much before. We get entries that are serious or funny, detailed or abstract, traditional or really wacky! It’s the diversity that makes the Open so successful, it gets a lot of visitors and we are able to sell many of the entries for our artists

Lisa Gee, Director of The Harley Gallery

Works in the 2017 Open Exhibition were selected from over 700 entries. On the selection panel were:

Prizes included:

Additional prizes may also be awarded.

Entries for the 2017 Harley Open are now closed.


Alan Abbey. Cranes
Kay Aitch. Bark Encounter
Michael Alcock. Saint Christina (after Carlo Dolci)
Jonathan Alibone. Untitled (Breach)
Jonathan Alibone. Cromlech (I)
Roger Allen. Winter Quarters
Roger Allen. Visitors, Chatsworth
Tayyibah Arif. Bloody Partition (1947)
Jennie Ashmore. Threave Garden Flora
Will Atkins. Useless Machine 001
Will Atkins. Timber Topography 006
Tristram Aver. Native British Trees (Hazel Wych Elm, Rowan & Willows)
Zoe Beaudry. Christian Charles
Sally Beaumont. Philippa Glanville
Janet Beautyman. Landmark 1
Janet Beautyman. Landmark 3
Charlie Birtles. Bristle
Mirela Bistran. Peekaboo
David Blanchard. Essence
Andrew Bracey. ReconFigure Painting (Poussin)
Andrew Bracey. ReconFigure Painting (Botticelli)
Julian Bray, Spring. South Lodge Welbeck
Sally Brooks. The Lake at Renishaw
Yun Ling Chen. Nature after Nature
Rebecca Chitticks. CMYK
Peter Clayton. Stoneywell From the Woods
Justin Coburn. Night Swimming (Nature Morte)
Justin Coburn. Dreaming Hare (Nature Morte)
Sam Collard. Above & Beyond
Sam Collard. The Wandering Mob
Jéréme Crow. Dom, with Indian Yellow. WINNER  The Harley Prize
Nicola Davison-Reed. “And Those”….. who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music
Nicola Davison-Reed. #TheDance – WINNER  The School of Artisan Food Prize
Nicki Dennett. Family Tree, The Barlows
Richard Devereux. How Will You Go About Finding That Thing the Nature of Which is Totally Unknown to You?
India Dewar. A Proto-totem
Paul Dodgson. Puritan Woman
Libby Edmonson. Levens Orchard
Wayne Fallon. Ben and Ange
Emma Fineman. R.R Woman – WINNER  The Judge’s Prize sponsored by The Welbeck Estates Company Ltd
Emma Gardner. Empty Studio I
Emma Gardner. Farewell IIII
Julia Giles. Through The Woods
Julia Giles. Trail
Juliet Goodden. Nibthwaite Curtains
Caroline Greyling. One Second in Covent Garden
Cezary Barnaba Gruzewski. Untitled 796
Katie Hallam. Ink
Jade Hanley. Top One
Matthew Harris. Small Wrapper Cloth
Mary Hayes. Dark and Deep
Ryan Heath. Core Four
Nicholas Herbert. Small Wood Surrounded by Farmland in Early Spring (L1025)
Matilda Mei Hewett. Narwhal Swims with a Bloom of Jellyfish
Geoff Hewitt. Study in Red and Black
Megan Olivia Hurst. Phase Transition
George Huthart. The Passengers
George Huthart. The Loud House
Heath Kane. Masks of Fear – Putin
Heath Kane. Masks of Fear – El Trump
Sarah Kirby. Stoneywell
Sarah Kirby. Cathedral Gardens, Leicester
Yushi Li. Frigid Tinder Date
Jake Lyne. Badly Ironed Sweat Patch
Karen MacInnes. Volksgarten Playpark (2008, Financial Crisis)
Holger Martin. Swimming Instructor
Holger Martin. Main Pool – The Judge’s Commendation
Emma-Kate Matthews. The Construction of Unstable Harmonies
Alex McArthur. The Moon and the Stars 4
Alex McArthur. The Moon Through an Archway
Keith Nichols. Dream of the Selkie
Demi Overton. Condesvyos Province, Peru
Mandy Payne. Liminal Zone II
Mandy Payne. This is Tomorrow, Today
Bella Penzer. I Love Carrots
Georgia Peskett. Cuckoo Wasp
Martin Pickles. Elin Almered (The Radio Dept.)
Martin Pickles. No True Beauty Without Decay
Sophie Ploeg. Two Cushions
Isabelle Priest. Reflections – The School of Artisan Food Commendation
Dermot Punnett. Gnosis
Peter Rapp. Catacomb 4
Peter Rapp. Wedding Present
Sarah Sharpe. Jane Eyre on Red Chair
Sarah Sharpe. Mother and Child
Helaina Sharpley. London to London Stamp
Clay Smith. Mediterranean Altarpiece – WINNER  The Storycatchers Prize
Anthea Stephenson. Working River
David Stevenson. Abbey
Shirley Stevenson. Seakale Dungeness Ochre
Shirley Stevenson. Seakale Dungeness Ochre Square
Paul Stone. United Nation
Emily Straw. Untitled
Catherine Thomas. Justin – WINNER The People’s Prize, sponsored by Child First at Welbeck
Caroline Thomson. Staring into the Abyss
Alison Tyldesley. Evening Light over Higger Tor
Gina Van Der Linde. Happiness
Lois Wallace. Secret Place – WINNER Welbeck Farm Shop Prize.
Paul White. Blackpool 1966
Arianne Wilson. Comic 666 Sans
Jenny Wilson. Silver & Gold & The First Day of Spring
Mary Wood. As Wide as the World Itself No. 6
Mary Wood. As Wide as the World Itself No. 10