What makes this exhibition different is that it goes beyond the visual experience, and invites active participation. Visitors have the opportunity to experiment for themselves, handling and creating with materials in a specially constructed studio, thus revealing how an artist thinks through their own explorations.

Ten innovative artists explore drama, colour, texture and pattern through woven form and the resulting display reflects their diversity. Jewellery costume, basketry, tapestry and conceptual pieces, create a spectacular showcase that demonstrates how one basic technique can lead to many different outcomes.

Works include brooches based ion traditional ikat weaving by the young designer Andrew lamb. His incredibly intricate and beautiful pieces are crafted from gold and silver wires. Visual artist Michael Brennand-Wood creates textile pieces inspired by his profound interest in [pattern. His construction explores the idea of ‘three-dimensional lines’ weaving through space, and Lzzie Farey, a basket maker, has sculpted willow spheres that link the process if growth to the process of weaving.

These diverse works provide an introduction to the versatility of weaving, for both functional and aesthetic ends.

Image: Jo Barker, ‘Blush’ Tapestry