These peaceful, private studios are home to a community of designers, artists, makers and conservation specialists.

When Ivy, Duchess of Portland set up The Harley Foundation in 1977 she envisaged that the Foundation would support artists by providing affordable studio spaces in tranquil surroundings.

Since then, The Harley Foundation has established 3 sets of subsidised studio spaces situated within the old Welbeck Kitchen Garden. The art studios offer facilities for a range of different creative practice, and are home to a diverse community of artists and craftspeople. Looking for a studio space? Please see our Opportunities page for current vacancies.

The Foundation provides an annual grant of £5,000 to one studio member, to acknowledge outstanding achievement in the previous year or a significant on-going contribution to the Foundation’s work.

The studios are open to the public during two ‘Open Studio’ events each year, by appointment only. Many of the Harley Studio Artists also run practical workshops.

The Harley Studios, East Workshops, Welbeck Estate

The East Workshops, designed by John Outram.