Ashley specializes in digital design, although traditionally trained in screen-printing.

It gives me much more freedom. I am not limited to the amount of colours I can use in my work and it makes my products much more affordable.

I was always drawing as a child whether it was my pets, flowers or landscapes. I was surrounded by animals from a young age, I grew up on an equestrian centre on the outskirts of London where my parents bred race horses for a very wealthy family. This is probably why I obsessively draw animals and feature them in my work. My inspiration can come from the smallest detail, such as the pattern on a vintage plate or watching the busy little birds in my garden.

Ashley has worked on commissioned projects from a range of prestigious companies, such as Laura Ashley and Mamas and Papas. Her latest collaboration with prestigious British department store Debenhams, has showcased her work onto high streets across the country.

Her work is playful and edgy, yet feminine. She aims to produce designs that are fun, curious and make people smile.