Silence  Space  Shadow  by Hilary Bower is on show at The Harley Gallery until 12 April. Hilary tells us about the exhibition:

Whilst studying Embroidery in the early 1980’s, I developed a love of drawing and mark making as a way of exploring ideas; furthering thinking and for the pure pleasure of working in this medium and the different freedoms and expressions it offered. Over the last 30 years of my career I have worked in this way and it has formed the backbone of my arts practice allowing my mixed media textiles to be more informed.


The exhibition, ‘Silence – Space – Shadow ‘ continues this approach and the mixed media drawings take centre stage in a way they have not done previously. In this work I am exploring both ideas and materials in conjunction with each other in ways that allow me to be intuitive and spontaneous. I am enjoying using new combinations of mediums such as tracing paper and wax, thin cotton and graphite, found items and stitch.

Blog, Silence Space Shadow, image courtesy Dick Makin Imaging


Some of the pieces are worked on surfaces that have been already used for another purpose either by me or by another artist. I have been interested for some time in what remains from another process; from another person’s making and crafting. To then seek and find elements to draw out, literally, to imbue with another meaning or purpose seems important currently. Minimal pieces, complex surfaces, circles, squares, along with non specific areas and shapes all play a part in the search for a way to pin down the notions of shadow, light, spaces empty and spaces filled; of insignificancies. The palette of coloured greys with small hints of other colours seems very important and appropriate; a means of enabling the subject matter to find its voice.


Blog, Silence Space Shadow, image courtesy Dick Machin Imaging


The central plinth in the gallery space holds a number of found and made objects which present physical connections with the intangible subject matter.

The exhibition is showing until 12 April. Hilary will also be taking part in the next Open Studios event on 13 and 14 June.


Images courtesy Dick Makin Imaging.