Legend and myth have been woven around the life of the reclusive fifth Duke of Portland. Known as ‘the Mole’ and ‘the Burrowing Duke’, William John Cavendish-Bentinck-Scott has left an architectural legacy at Welbeck. He combined new Victorian engineering technologies with the architectural styles of his ancestors, and so his buildings became the grandest of their time. His projects included the biggest Kitchen Gardens in Britain and the second largest riding school in the world. These buildings make up Welbeck Village, an area not normally accessible to the public.

But perhaps, The Duke’s most extraordinary and famous construction is a network of underground tunnels and structures beneath Welbeck Village. He employed up to 1000 Irish workmen experienced in railway building and with their expertise, he constructed 2.5 miles of tunnels – some of which are large enough for 2 carriages to pass side by side.

This exclusive 2 to 2.5 hour guided tour will lead you through the history and the grounds of the 5th Duke’s Welbeck Village. You’ll delve deeper into Welbeck Village’s past than anyone has ever done before. Our tour guide brings the Duke and his buildings to life with stories long gone, and takes you through the famous Grotto Tunnel.  The tour will conclude with a ‘Taste of Welbeck Buffet’ at the highly acclaimed School of Artisan Food.

This tour is not to be missed!