This weeks Fashion Show Friday is all about boxes. What can you make to wear out of boxes? They can be big boxes, small boxes or lots of boxes. It can be a complete outfit or an accessory, you can add any extra bits you need from around the house.

Get involved and have creative fun at home during these times of social distancing. Any age can join in, using only the materials and objects that can be found in and around the home.

Each week there will be a new theme, and on Fridays we are asking you to share your creations with us, on either social media using the hashtag #HarleyFashionShowFriday or we welcome you to upload them to our online gallery below. We can’t wait to see them!

Artist, Ruth Waller has put together a step by step guide to make your own Classic Apple Mac Costume.


You will need:

  • Large box to that you can fit in, that is sort of the right shape (we did cut a bit off the bottom
  • Small box
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Old electrical wires (old phone charger wires mostly)
  • Print outs of extra bits, like the key board, disc and stickers
  • Glue
  • Thin wire


Now follow our simple step by step guide:

1. Put on your box for size, and work out where you would like the screen and the arm holes to be. Cut them out.
2. Paint the whole box one colour.
3. Do some research on the internet and find images of the keyboard, curser and floppy disc (back in the day, this is where you would store your files). Print them out or draw them the correct size. We stuck ours on a piece of the box that was cut off. Stick them on. (the curser is on a piece of thin wire so it looked like it was on the screen).
4. Next use a small box for the mouse (yes they were this big and square?). We made holes in the small box and the large one to insert the wire. We also found an old plug on a wire and attached that.
5. Finally print out some amusing stickers and stuck them on, along with a colourful apple sticker, but these could be also be drawn and then stuck on.