We are looking for artists, musicians and performers to create a dynamic and exciting atmosphere in The Courtyard at Welbeck during our 25th anniversary celebration on Saturday 3rd August 2019.

We are particularly looking for experienced performers that are confident and comfortable in performing, we’re also keen to hear from anyone who will add lots of fun. Most important to us is that we’re looking for acts or installations that are interactive, whether people can join in with your activity, performance or simply dance along.

Amongst other things, we’re looking for:

  • Walkabout theatre
  • Live Art
  • Installation pieces


If you’d like to apply please email Nicola.Brown@welbeck.co.uk, subject line ‘Call Out for Performers and Live Artists’.

We’d love to hear about you and your act, including:

  • production needs e.g. power, shelter
  • performance timings
  • fees/budget (if applicable)