This week’s theme is shhhhhh, Disguises.
Use what you have round the house and make a disguise, whether it be from yoghurt pots, paper bags, cereal packets or even food.

Get involved and have creative fun at home during these times of social distancing. Any age can join in, using only the materials and objects that can be found in and around the home.

Each week there will be a new theme, and on Fridays we are asking you to share your creations with us, on either social media using the hashtag #HarleyFashionShowFriday or we welcome you to upload them to our online gallery below. We can’t wait to see them!

You will need:

  • A card or strong paper envelope
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Coloured card (you can always colour in white card)
  • Dark coloured paper or paper bag
  • Scrap piece of paper
  • Glue or double side tape

Now follow our simple step by step guide: 

  1.  Sketch out your glasses on a scrap piece of paper, fold in half on the nose bit and cut out. This will make them symmetrical.
  2. Trace around the glasses onto a piece of coloured card. Cut them out.
  3. On the corner of an envelope, measure 6cm along one edge and 8cm up. Draw a line between the two to make a triangle. Cut along the line. Fold the triangle out to make a diamond shape. Cut the small triangle shape off to make your nose.
  4. Cut out a strip of dark coloured paper (or like I have, use a coloured paper bag) 3 cm wide. You will need two lengths for each eyebrow and two for your mustache. Snip into the strips of paper leaving half cm uncut at the bottom edge. Curl around a pencil.
  5. Attach two pieces to the top of each side of your glasses. This will make them look nice and bushy.
  6. Do the same with the mustache, attaching two pieces to the bottom on the nose. Attach the nose to the glasses.
  7. Cut out two side arm pieces, making sure they are longer than you need them.
  8. Hold your glasses to your face and get someone to help you decide how long you need the side arms. Fold the end over (you may need to snip it shorter). And attach them to your glasses.
  9. Try out your new disguise. Why not video call someone you know and see if they recognize you.

Share your photos with us using #HarleyFashionShowFriday or upload to our gallery below!