Join Gallery Director Lisa Gee and Laura Ellen Bacon for a preview of her new exhibition.

The British Sculptor, who was shortlisted for the Women’s Hour Craft Prize in 2017, works with natural materials into large-scale or ‘human-scale’ artworks, in both interior and landscape settings. Her work has been described as ‘startling but beckoning’; ‘monumental yet intimate’; ‘frenzied yet calm’.

For this exhibition, she has worked with materials gathered from Welbeck’s landscape.

It seems impossible to look at Bacon’s sculptures without asking how they have been made. Their apparent simplicity of form is deceptive and we see on closer inspection that they consist of a complicated system of knots and weaves, allowing us to consider their inner structure as well as their outward appearance in much the same way as we regard the pierced, hollow forms of Hepworth and Moore.

Stephen Feeke, Director, New Art Centre, Roche Court