Get involved and have creative fun at home during these times of social distancing. Any age can join in, using only the materials and objects that can be found in and around the home.

Each week there will be a new theme, and on Fridays we are asking you to share your creations with us, on either social media using the hashtag #HarleyFashionShowFriday or we welcome you to upload them to our online gallery below. We can’t wait to see them!

To make Giant Bunny Feet, you will need:

  • Thick corrugated card
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Old pair of tights (60 denier or thicker)
  • Toy stuffing or an old cushion or pillow (please ask first if you can use a cushion)
  • Glue or strong tape (hot glue is best if you have it)
  • Eco packing chips (the ones made from plant starch) or a scrape of white paper
  • Large sewing needle

Simple step by step guide:

  • On the card draw out the shape of your giant bunny foot, using your own foot as a guild. Go in towards your heel and out towards the giant bunny toes. Don’t make it any wider than 17 cm at the widest point. Cut it out and use as a template for the other foot.
  • Cut two pieces of card, 8 x 17 cm. Make sure that the corrugation lines, line up with the shorter width. Score the centre along its length. Fold in half, and then curl the card the other direction. Snip into one half of the card making tabs. Do this to both pieces of card.
  • Glue the small pieces of card to the back of each heel, gluing the tabs underneath (this stops your feet sliding out when you walk in your fancy new feet).
  • Cut both the legs off a pair of tights, cutting them at the tops of the legs where it meets the body part. Roll each leg down to the toes and them stretch them out as far as they will go. Now carefully pull them down over your card feet, toe first.
  • Using the toy stuffing, (if you haven’t got any (like me), you can cut open an old cushion or pillow case and use the stuffing out of that (not feather filled ones, that will be a complete mess)) carefully stuff and shape the toes with stuffing. Use small handfuls at a time, it will much easier that way. Once you have the toes stuffed, try them on, and add stuffing to shape the rest of the foot. When you are happy with them, carefully take them off.
  • Shaping the toes. You don’t have to do this part, but it does make them look more toe like. Cut a strip off the top of each leg of the tights, pull out and snip the loop so you have a length to sew with. From the bottom of the foot, between two toes push the needle in about 3 cm from the edge. Pull through leaving enough to tie. Pull the thread from the top over between the toes and pull tight and tie with the other end. Repeat between all the toes.
  • For the claws, use Starch packing chips, if you are using these you will need to dampen your hand a little and roll each one on your hands, making one end pointy and slightly hooked. If you haven’t got any of these you can use small piece of white paper, just twist it and cut them to length. Attach them to your monster toes with glue.
  • Put them on and try them out. You may need to trim the leg parts down to length.
  • You can try out other sorts of feet.

If you don’t have any tights, you can just make them out of card, adding a strip of card over your feet to hold them on. Similar to the ones in the photo at the top of this page! 

Share your photos with us using #HarleyFashionShowFriday or upload to our gallery below!