Working from your own drawings and/or photographs as a starting point, you’ll first make test pieces using layers of sheer fabrics, silk paint and hand stitch, to decide how to interpret your image.

Play with the colour created by combining different coloured organzas. Look at how light and shade can be created with different shaped layers of the same colour. See how you can use different stitches including running stitch, couching and French knots to create different effects. Experiment with stitch length and density.

Thinking about the composition, you will create a paper collage to work from, this may include drawings, photographs and text. Then you will learn how to transfer your images on to translucent fabrics using a variety of media including pencil, watercolour and silk paint.

Putting what you’ve learnt into practice; create the backdrop for your stitched illustration by building layers and areas of coloured organza, then apply hand-stitched areas to bring your work to life with texture and colour, as you work up your finished image.

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