A programme of art talks which explores our contemporary exhibition programme and offers different perspectives on The Portland Collection of historic fine and decorative arts.

Sylvie Franquet is a multimedia collage artist, who combines classical imagery with a punk aesthetic. Her show reCollecting is at The Harley Gallery until 23 June and Sylvie was inspired by the huge variety of objects collected by the Dukes of Portland and their families, in particular, the women. These women collected for the excitement of the acquisition, to learn about the world and the natural sciences that were coming into being. Sylvie spent time in Sherwood Forest, looking at the plants and learning from the Wood Stewards that she met. Her large patchwork of needlework tapestries ‘Nature Morte’ reflects upon our green spaces and the way they are changing.

I collect my materials on walks, in junk markets and on eBay and then I create a world I can better understand. I am fascinated by attitudes to gender and nature, and by the similarities in those attitudes.