This LEGO self-portrait creative activity is inspired by the 2020 exhibition Brick by Brick.

Try our LEGO challenge and create your own self-portrait.

You will need: 

Plain paper
Pencils Crayons
LEGO or Duplo bricks
LEGO baseboard of any size

Self Portrait (20 minutes)

What is a self-portrait? A self-portrait is an artwork that is an image of your head and shoulders. This could be a drawing, painting or photograph.

1. Ask your child to take a look at their face in the mirror. What do they see? Ask your child to draw their face; where their eyes, mouth and nose are. What shape is their face? What is their hair like? Long or short? Curly or straight?

If you have smaller children, ask them what they see, what their face looks like. What and where are their key features? Ask them to point them out and make a simple line drawing if they are able.

2. Now they have drawn their face, think about what colours the child might use to create a face in LEGO. You could just primary colours; red, blue and yellow and/or secondary colours; purple, green and orange.

Primary and Secondary colours

LEGO Activity (40 – 45 minutes).

1. Now the child is ready to make the self-portrait in LEGO.

For younger children, you can use Duplo bricks and lay these out on the floor to make a simple face. If your child is using LEGO, use the baseboard as a space to build on top of it. Use flat pieces first and then build up texture and shape using other pieces of colour.  Ask the child to refer back to their drawing thinking about the choice of colour and the layout from the self-portrait activity.

Remember to keep it simple!

Extension Activities 

  • If your children are older, can they tell you what they have learnt and what they would improve on if they did the activity again?
  • For younger children, ask them to sort the LEGO/Duplo into primary and secondary colours.
  • Children can create a repeat pattern using LEGO, first of all, start with two colours.
  • What about making a landscape or your garden in LEGO.
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