Make a Medal for Fashion Show Friday VE Day. We want you to make a medal fit for a hero using materials that you can find at home. Adorn your clothing with as many as you’d like, make a medal to celebrate VE Day or a medal for someone you thinks deserves one! Whatever your reason, make sure you make one for yourself because we’re all heroes. We would love to see what you make, share your creations with us with #harleyfashionshowfriday. 

In the current conditions, we are making our medals for the heroes of today. For those that are helping us stay safe, saving lives, helping with key jobs or helping by staying at home.

What you will need:

  • Tinfoil
  • Wooden rolling pin or hammer
  • Chopping board (wooden one is best)
  • Thick card 
  • Strip of fabric or wide ribbon
  • Sharpie pens / permanent pens
  • Safety pin
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Now you have your materials, follow our how-to guide: 

1. Tear off some foil from the roll, about 25 – 30 cm long and roll into a tight ball.

2. Flatten the ball slightly with your hands.

3. Put your chopping board on the floor. Place on your ball and start to flatten with either the end of the rolling pin or a hammer until about ½ cm thick.

4. Roughly draw around the tinfoil circle onto the card twice.

5. On one of the circles draw out your design you want on your medal, keep it quite simple, a symbol that might represent something. Cut it out and glue into position in the other circle that you have drawn. Remember if you are using letters stick them down backwards.

6. Place your card circle on the chopping board, place your tin foil circle on top, trying to place the neatest side face down onto your card. 

7. Hold down the tin foil circle with one finger (or you could tape it down) and start bashing your foil circle. Watch out for your fingers and try to flatten out evenly and not move it about. When you are happy with the thickness take the foil off the card. You can make the edges neat by giving them a little trim with scissors. Try colouring in some areas with the permanent pens, to make them stand out.

8. To make the ribbon, rip a length of fabric from an old white pillowcase about 4cm wide and 16cm long. You can use ribbon if you have any or white paper. 

9. Now we need to make the stripes on our medal ribbon. Think about the colours that you are using, what do they represent? Use the permanent pens to colour in your stripes. You could use felt pens, but if you want to wear your medal, be aware that the colour might come off and stain your clothes. 

10. Fold your medal ribbon in half. At the folded end fold the corners in to make a pointy end. Glue this to the back of your tin foil medal.

11. Alternatively, if you want to wear the medal around your neck, glue onto a longer length ribbon instead. You could always glue or tape a paperclip to the back to thread the ribbon through.

12. Attach to your clothes with a safety pin and wear with pride, or send to your hero.

Share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #HarleyFashionShowFriday. We can’t wait to see them!