As we live through the Covid-19 pandemic, how can we creatively protect ourselves and others and reduce the risk of spreading the disease?

We have worked with Harley Studio Artist, Louise Presley to bring you a simple step by step guide to create your own face mask.

How will you decorate it?

You will need: 

  • Fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Elastic
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Paper towel *optional
  • Mask pattern

Follow our handy step by step guide:

  1. Cut two pieces of 100% tightly woven cotton using the pattern.
  2. Cut two pieces of elastic 18cm long
  3. Place the elastic on one of the fabric pieces and stitch in place 1.5 cm down from the side edge.
  4. With right sides together and the elastic facing the centre, sew around the edges leaving a gap at the bottom.
  5. Remove excess at the corners by cutting across.
  6. Turn through to the right side.
  7. Iron flat and then make three even pleats so that the whole mask is approximately 8cm wide.
  8. Pin in place
  9. Sew all way around the edge of the mask with a curve at each corner which will help the fit. * You can leave the gap open so that you can insert a filter layer such as a folded paper towel.
  10. Tidy the edges by hand sewing.


Now, don’t forget to add a little decoration or personal branding, then snap a quick shot and share with us using #HarleyatHome

In addition to the above, you can add a little metal strip into the mask to tighten over the nose, improve comfort and stop glasses steaming up!

You will need:
A covered wire or pipe cleaner.

Cut a length of wire and loop over the ends with pliers so there are no sharp edges.
After you have stitched the elastic and turned through the mask, insert the wire through the opening at the bottom and push to the top of the mask.
Centre it and stitch around it to enclose it. Pleat and stitch around the edges to complete the mask.
Hand wash in very hot and soapy water.

Disclaimer: We can not ensure the protection or removal of the spread of coronavirus by using this mask.