Join us in the ceramics studio for Open Access Thursdays.

Additional safety measures are now in place. This includes limiting the number of participants and asking you to pre-book your place before attending a class. We also have socially distanced workstations, sanitised tools and equipment, and shorter sessions.

What is an Open Access ceramics studio?

Open access pottery sessions offer flexible studio space for those who can work independently, with a full range of ceramics facilities available including two kilns and six wheels.

Our Studio Manager Lynne Staniland provides supervision. However, please note tutorials are not available during the Open Access sessions. Keep an eye on our events listings for full details of our events, including sessions for painting pottery, and tutored ceramics classes. Join our mailing list to keep up to date.

We require all Open Access Thursdays attendees to clean their work area and equipment at the end of their session. We accept no responsibility if your work breaks in the kiln.

Please note that other activities may be taking place in the Pottery Studio at the same time as our Open Access sessions.

When visiting The Harley Pottery Studio, please drive directly to the workshops and park by the studio.