Join artist Sylvie Franquet for a preview of her exhibition.

I sew on everything. I like darning, repairing almost as a decoration. The randomness of moth holes creates an intricate pattern for instance. I slowly developed my own voice while unpicking and sewing the works. I love the conceptual and subversive approach to something seen as a demure, domestic female expression. The laborious process in itself seems to me like a rebellion to our world where time is money.

Belgian artist Sylvie Franquet has drawn inspiration from the huge variety of objects collected by the Dukes of Portland and their families, in particular by their illustrious female members. These women collected for the excitement of the acquisition, but also to learn about the world and to understand more about natural history and the sciences that were coming into being. Margaret Cavendish Bentinck, the second Duchess of Portland, especially stands out to Sylvie.