It’s Fashion Show Friday and the weather is getting warmer, so this week we want you to refashion a t-shirt ready for the sun. As we can’t all go out and buy the clothes we want at the moment, we can update or refashion the ones we have at home with basic art supplies, plus it’s good for the planet to up-cycle and not to buy new.

Now, let’s get creative and make the t-shirt.

What you will need:

  • Old t-shirt
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Old plastic food container
  • Masking tape  (or any tape)
  • Newspaper
  • Wine corks, bottle tops (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Foam stickers (optional)

Now you have everything you need, follow our step by step guide: 

1. Make sure that your t-shirt is wrinkle-free.
2. Put on the t-shirt and work out if you want to alter the style. Maybe, you want to cut the sleeves off or alter the length!
3. When you have worked out where you want to cut (you don’t have to do this part), layout flat and mark with a pencil where you want to cut. Do this on one side only. Cut one side and then fold in half and then cut through the other side, that way you will hopefully have matching sleeves or symmetrical neckline (unless you don’t want this).
4. Cover your table in newspaper and then lay your t-shirt out on top. Lay a piece of newspaper inside the t-shirt, then make sure the t-shirt is as flat as you can get it.
5. To make the stripes, we stuck masking tape all the way across the t-shirt and over the edge so that it is stuck to the newspaper at the edges.
6. Pour a small amount of paint into the plastic food container or a saucer. It will need to be lump free and the consistency of mayonnaise, you may need to add a little water to do this.
7. Paint between the tape, try not to make it to thick as it will take a long time to dry and go through the newspaper.
8. Once you have painted all the stripes, leave to dry before you pull off the tape. We went around the edge of the neck and sleeves with a paintbrush.
9. You can do the other side once it is dried if you want. You can leave it at this point if you want a striped top, you will just have to fix it.
10. We added the beads by using a cork and bottle tops dipped in paint to print onto the t-shirt. You can also use small foam stickers, stuck on onto a bottle top and use as a printing block. Please note that if the paint you are using is thin or a light colour over a darker one then underprint with white first and then print again over the top. Instead of beads you could print badge shapes with the bottle tops and add details on top when dry with a sharpie pen.
11. Once you are happy with your design, let it dry for 24 hours and then fix with an iron (medium heat) on the reverse for 5 minutes. This should fix the paint, but please be careful when you wash for the first time not to put in with anything that might get ruined. It is best to wash at 30 degrees.
12. Put on your t-shirt take a picture and share with us #harleyfashionshowfriday