Old quilt samples, Japanese Boro pieces and hand mended scraps are among the textile treasures from Claire’s collection. During the workshop you will use plain sewing, patchwork techniques and a palette of thread and fabric repurposed and naturally dyed and begin a stitch journal. There will be opportunities to explore the wellbeing benefits that can be gained from slow textile processes and daily textile practice. This course will encourage a reflective way of working and will lead to a resonant, personal piece of work.

Claire Wellesley-Smith is an artist, researcher and writer based in West Yorkshire. She specialises in projects that use local, natural colour, created from home-grown and locally foraged plants. Cloth, dye and stitch are then used as carriers of the natural and social history of place. She is a highly experienced tutor who works on long-term community projects about wellbeing, arts and health, and heritage and she teaches internationally. Her book, Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art was published by Batsford in 2015 and has been reprinted 10 times, her second book will be published in 2021.

Hope and Elvis is based in The Harley Studios