For this weeks Fashion Show Friday we want you to make a ‘Utility Belt’. Think Batman’s utility belt, it has everything that he needs to fight crime. Think of an occasion or activity that you would like the belt for, it may be something that you are looking forward to doing when things start getting back to normal or an everyday task. The idea is that you attach everything that you need onto the belt.

Harley Studio Artist, Ruth Waller has created a utility belt to go shopping with to protect herself against Covid-19! Are you in need of such a belt? Follow her step by step guide below.

You will need:

  • A list of things that you need for your activity – collect these things
  • A belt
  • Ways of attaching things – String, ribbon, elastic bands, old socks, old clothes with pockets in, staples, card, old bottle.

1. Make a list of everything that you want to attach to your belt.

This is everything Ruth added to her list.

  • 2m measuring tape – to ensure social distancing rules are kept!
  • Rubber gloves – for protection.
  • A mask – again for protection. Don’t have one? Follow our mask-making activity here.
  • Hand sanitiser – best to be safe!
  • Shopping list – you don’t want to forget something if I’m having to wait for ages in a long queue to get in.
  • Trolley token – in case you have no pound coins.
  • Shopping bags – Well we are shopping!
  • Paper bags – to catch emergency coughs.
  • Phone – I’ve got a long wait, I’ll need music to listen to, to text loved ones to see how they are.
  • Debit card – contactless payment.
  • Water pistol – to keep away people that get to close.
  • Umbrella – in case of rain.
  • Sunglasses – in case it’s sunny.
  • Tissues – for any snuffles.

2. Make sure that the belt fits.

3. Find different ways of attaching objects to your belt with things that you have around the house.

For example:

  • For extra pocket space, cut around a back pocket of an old pair of shorts, cutting straight up and leaving a small strip of the waistband which can be threaded the belt. A perfect place to store your debit card and trolley token!
  • Use an old pair of socks to carry the water bottle and hand sanitiser.  Cut the bottle down to size, then cut two small diagonal slits at the top so that the belt can slide through.
  • Try attaching things with giant paper clips.
  • Attach the tissue box with a gaffa tape loop, made by sticking it to itself and making into a loop for the belt.
  • The water pistol was attached by folding a square of card in half to make a triangle. One edge was stapled together and then the front edge was cut shorter. Two slits were cut in the back to slide onto the belt.
  • The phone holder was made by cutting around the bottom of an old shirt pocket and then leaving a long strip up towards the neck. This piece was folded over and stitched to make a channel to thread the belt through. You could staple this instead of stitching if you want.
  • For the bag holder, cut a plastic water bottle in half and cut two diagonal slits at the top and thread the belt through.
  • The rest of the objects either had their own way of attaching themselves or were tied on with string, elastic bands and ribbon.

Now you are all prepared to face the world and have everything at your fingertips.

Share your creations with us, on either social media using the hashtag #HarleyFashionShowFriday. We can’t wait to see them!