Prints and paintings from Sheffield based artist and designer Jill Ray, including large scale works that have not been seen at the gallery before.

Jill Ray uses both traditional and digital methods to produce her landscapes.   She works with oil on canvas and creates digital prints using a computer.  The opposing processes offer Jill different ways of working; slow vs fast, direct vs indirect markmaking, subtle textures vs perfected geometry.

I enjoy exploring old and new technology in the development of my work and flitting between the two, using either an iPad as a portable sketchbook or simple pencil on paper.  I also use lots of photographic references of a place.

Surprisingly it is Jill’s digital work which is slow to create.  She can spend up to three weeks working an image to perfection using drawing tools in Photoshop.  She can complete a painting in 2 days.

My main concerns are colour, light and rhythm. I am fascinated by the way similar shapes and patterns echo and repeat in the landscape as can be seen in both the bold style of my prints and in a more subtle and textural exploration in my paintings.

The hills of the Dark Peak and the woodlands in Sheffield and Chatsworth Park provide most of Jill’s subject matter, with occasional winter forays to the east coast.

About Jill Ray

Jill has been a practicing artist and designer for over 25 years. Training first in Fine Art, she then followed with a career as a Landscape Architect. In 2012 she launched Jill Ray Landscapes, combining her design and fine art skills.