Moving Stories – sculptures are brought to life as all three galleries are filled with automata: cogs, cams, cranks and levers!

Melanie’s largest and most significant solo show to date with a series of nine new artworks, composed of hand-painted metals, mixed media and found objects. Exploring forgotten spaces between urban and rural landscapes, the artist creates an archive of stories reflecting working-class people in everyday life.

An autobiographical series of curious narratives merge childhood memories with real life events that occurred in the working class Midlands areas where she grew up and studied, and still lives and works today.

With titles such as The 5.00am Beasts Roam the Streets and A Post Punk Love, vanishing women, strange lights in the sky, mysterious crop circles and other bizarre phenomena feature in the works on show.

I am fascinated by neglected spaces hidden between urban and rural places, often overgrown yet full of life; people meet here. Wildlife thrives; they are strange magical corridors which can be seen as metaphors for transformation, changing identities, memory and experience.


Ghost Horses and Guns was curated in collaboration with Wolverhampton Art Gallery.