I’m not a printmaker; I’m a painter who makes a few prints.

In his second year at the Royal College of Art, David Hockney ran out of painting materials. Hearing everything was provided for free in the printmaking department, he started working there. Two of his first prints illustrated the Grimm’s Fairy Tale Rumplestilzchen and three years later, having read all 220 of the tales, he decided to illustrate his favourite 6 and produced a series of 39 etchings which focus on his imaginative response to the text.

They’re fascinating little stories, told in simple, direct language and style; it was this simplicity that attracted me.

These works were used to illustrate a limited edition book published by Petersburg Press is association with the Kasmin Gallery in 1970. The Harley Gallery was lucky enough to get hold of a few of these tiny books which were on sale during the exhibition.

A National Touring Exhibition Organised by the Hayward Gallery for Arts Council England