Part 2: 8 February–28 February

Razzle: All that Jazz
Craig Fisher, Louisa Chambers & Rob Flint

This collaborative exhibition took as its starting point ‘Dazzle Camouflage’, with the three artists each employing pattern as a form of pictorial disruption, interruption and spatial collapse. Initially each artist worked site-specifically by making work directly on the gallery walls. Over the duration of the exhibition they developed work by responding to the space and each other; artworks butted up against each other, or on top of each other making individual practices both indistinguishable and jarring. Works within the exhibition were concealed within the overall dazzle effect of the installation producing interesting juxtapositions and correlations.


One In the Middle
Frank Abbott, Rob Smith & SmithAbbott

Continuing a playful dialogue with video, photography and installation, the artists explored sites in the landscape between their studios in Newcastle, Nottingham and The Harley Gallery.  The exhibition reflected the processes of being somewhere, having an encounter and working at a distance. Different media were used to bring elements of the remote sites into a triangular relationship within the gallery, and out of this triangulation was conjured a ‘third party’; a chance encounter with someone who becomes an artist in their own right for the duration of the exhibition.