Part 1: 18 January–7 February

Michael Forbes, Jacob Kelly & Saraa Rain

Collectively the artists communicated a shared cultural history, influenced by the relation between Europe and Africa and its impact on world history and contemporary life. Forbes re-appropriated images and objects to discuss diversity and difference, whilst acknowledging history for all its foibles and achievements. Kelly and Rain responded to Forbes’s sculptural work and the Welbeck Estate through architecture (by exploring the spatial awareness of the artwork within the gallery) and spoken word (exploring the history of the Welbeck Estate and using these narratives to re-establish connections between ancestral stories and contemporary life).

In the Paravent
Curated by Craig Fisher and Niki Russell

Housed within a purpose-built display structure, In the Paravent brought together a range of small-scale work produced by artists working in and connected with activity in Nottingham. Drawings, paintings and a range of other objects sat within the Paravent, and the individual shelves were mirrored by cut-out sections of the walls of the gallery that frame further works. This installation was made up of many parts, offering an insight into the diverse breadth of contemporary art being produced within the studios, galleries and project spaces of Nottingham today.

Frank Abbott, Bruce Asbestos, Rob Van Beek, Rebecca Beinart, Jackie Berridge, Aimee Bollu, Wayne Burrows, Louisa Chambers, Lotti V Closs, Sean Cummins, Neil Dixon, Blue Firth, Craig Fisher, Rob Flint, Lynn Fulton, Sam Hewland, Candice Jacobs, Jake Kent, Beth Kettel, Nick Mobbs, Rebecca Ounstead, Alex Pain, Yelena Popova, Martin Rayment, Derek Sprawson, Debra Swann, Oliver Tirré.