A table was laid ready for a dinner party, beautifully presented with lustrous silver, fine ceramics and glass. Visitors were invited into the exhibition dining room to see works from leading contemporary makers such as Michael Lloyd, Malcolm Appleby, Jane Short, Angela Cork and Adi Toch, who draw on traditional techniques to craft extraordinary contemporary tableware.

This modern table setting was introduced by extraordinary silver acquired by the Goldsmiths’ Company over the last 500 years, reflecting its long history of patronage.

From serving dishes to cutlery and sculptural bread baskets to wine coasters, Made For The Table demonstrates both continuity and a break with tradition. As much as there have been changes in taste and style, domestic silver continues to be a source of inspiration.

To accompany the glittering silverware, creative practice AVM Curiosities has curated an audio and visual interpretation of the collection. The first is a series of photographs which take their inspiration from 17th century Dutch paintings; The Silverware Still Lives photographed by Rosalind Atkinson. Alongside the photographic installation, ‘Silverware 7’ is a contemporary audio piece, created using silverware itself as the percussion and composed by New York based musician, Mee.