Making Sense: Sensing Place included metal work by Steven Follen (UK), delicate paper artwork by Thurle Wright (UK), textiles by Lokesh Ghai (India), fine art by Tarun Ghosh (Bangladesh) and vibrant rickshaw paintings by Tapan Das (Bangladesh). These exhibits told the story of the artists’ exchange visits, of their travels between each other’s countryside and cities, culture and landscape, in this joint project from the V&A Museum of Childhood and The Harley Gallery.

Setting off on their journey in Spring 2010, the group spent 5 months exploring each other’s home countries, travelling over hill and dale and dusty plains. From the craft villages in India, where traditional skills are passed down through the families, to The Portland Collection of fine and decorative art exhibited at The Harley Gallery, the artists discovered the histories of making art and craft within each country.

Cycling through north Nottinghamshire on brightly coloured bicycles, Tarun, Tapan and Lokesh spent time exploring the countryside around The Harley Gallery and getting to know the local community – Tarun and Tapan worked with local school Hodthorpe Primary to give the children a glimpse of life in Bangladesh.

Making Sense: Sensing Place showed England, Nottinghamshire, and the local area through new eyes.

This project is a collaboration between The V&A Museum of Childhood and The Harley Gallery. Organised by A Fine Line.

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