Using the exhibition The Duchess of Curiosities and historical objects from The Portland Collection as inspiration, they produced work which reflected their excitement and passion for the natural world, and their excitement at working with these historical artefacts.

I was interested to see the early natural history books, they were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The composition, focus and grace of each page were a revelation and it was a great privilege to see the first edition. The artists who painted the illustrations did so with the same wonder at nature as I and Junko feel when we look at natural specimens.

Kate Malone

It was an asset to have another artist to share this process of discovery and inspiration. Often Kate noticed something beautiful which was based on the ‘ripeness’ of nature, whereas I tend to pay my attention to growing forms – especially tiny details. I was inspired by her all way through this residency, to understand what is common and different between us.

Junko Mori

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A Harley Gallery exhibition in association with Adrian Sassoon and Clare Beck