Since her retrospective exhibition Cloud Nylon at the Harley Gallery in 2011, Nora had been exploring the interaction between art, science, mathematics and the natural world. She had combined her long-standing techniques of crafting fine nylon microfilament, which she knits, knots, plaits and weaves by hand to make jewellery with new technologies. This resulted in an exhibition that included pieces that ranged from bodywear to sculpture.

The exhibition was shown in three sections;

The Magic of Nature.
Pieces resulting from a continuing fascination with natural forms and the ability of nylon thread to represent the essence of these forms.

Exploring Flax.
Nora was invited to take part in an international exhibition in Canada where artists were asked to experiment with flax. This led to the creation of new pieces and the development of a new thread called ‘Linlon’ combining nylon and flax.

New Forms, New Technologies.
Nora had continued experimenting with 3D printing. Her bodywear pieces have developed into sculptural forms strongly influenced by the mathematical/structural philosophy of Buckminster Fuller.