Wendy Ramshaw’s metalwork has to be seen to be believed – ranging from tiny gold rings made for baby princesses, to large scale, dramatic public gates. Rooms of Dreams promised to enchant visitors with its beauty, romance and grandeur.

The centre piece to the exhibition, the ‘Room of Dreams’, enabled visitors to explore Wendy’s jewellery, combining bold, sculptural shapes with finely crafted metalwork.

Just as your wedding ring reminds you of your special day, or a locket might remind you of the person that gave you the jewellery, the jewellery in the Room of Dreams told stories. This was an installation bursting with fairytales and mythical characters, from a necklace inspired by the Miller’s daughter in Rumpelstiltskin, who had to weave straw into gold, to rings made for Alice in Wonderland, which take their inspiration from Alice swimming in a pool of her own tears.

Spanning career of over 50 years, this exhibition showed the incredible range of Wendy’s work. All her pieces are beautifully designed, from the grand metal public commissions to ring stands which are lathe turned by hand for each individual piece of jewellery. Wendy invented the ring set (which is now a common feature of jewellery design and often seen on the high street) and her ring stands transform her groups of glittering gemstones into beautiful sculptures. You could also see Wendy’s jewellery made from unusual materials, such as paper, plastic and old clock faces.

A Harley Gallery touring exhibition in partnership with Ruthin Craft Centre.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

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