The Harley Open Exhibition 2019

The biennial Harley Open art competition features works from artists working in a wide range of wall-based media, from keen amateurs to professionals offering visitors a snapshot of artwork being made in the region today.

Judges for the 2019 Open are The Harley Gallery and Foundation’s expert curators and trustees.


Alan Abbey, Pylons
Alan Abbey, Crane
Alison Wake-Cognissart, Tideswell Dale
Anita King, Nietzsche
Annie Samuel, The Irish Uncles
Aran Illingworth, East of Eden
Aran Illingworth, Reflections
Archie Gordon, Dreams and Screams
Bill Parkin, Couple (And Other)
Brian Adams, Tide and Time (Stave)
David Williams, T.N.D.Y
Delphine Dobson, Galaxy Deer
Elisabeth Rutt, Chalklands
Ellie-Rose Duffin, Lichen
Erica Bridgwood, Pussy Power
Fionna Buck, Nasturtiums
Freya Roberts, F You
Geoff Hewitt, The Dance, WINNER, The Judges Prize sponsored by Welbeck Estates Company Limited 
Giles Davies, Stanage Sunset
Grace Youngs, Buddy
Graham Firth, Thank you…Enjoy
Graham Firth, Halfway to Paradise
Hannah Larkam, Talking on The Telephone Wire
Helen Fisher, Clive
Henrietta Corbett, Bird on Pink Land, WINNER sponsored by Storycatchers 
Howard Asher, Kinetic No. 4
Howard Asher, Four Shades of Grey
Ian Gordon Craig, Pub Cat
Ian Sotiris, Crow I
Ian Turner, Weather Watchers
Isaac Hepworth, Uncle Frank
Jane Robertson, Crow No5
Jane Hindmarch, Bluebell Woodlands Helpston
Jane Walters- Morris, The Beginning Is Always Today
Janet Beautyman, Waterpots I
Janet Middleton, Ink Alchemy
Jeannie Clark, Shell Collector in Blue
Jenny Oldknow, Autumn Glow, Wyver Lane Gardens
Jill Ray, Below The Clouds
Jo McChesney, Zoom
Joanna Whittle, Islanded Tent, JOINT WINNER, The Harley Prize sponsored by The Harley Foundation
Joanne Dale, Sunday Best
Judith Webster, Renishaw I
Judith Duvall, Towards the Door
Katherine Rhodes, At The Edge
Kathryn Morton, Builders Yard, Belper
Keith Wright, Honesty I
Kelly Ann Holmes, Therebot for the Grace of God
Kevin Holdaway, St Mark’s Campinale, Venice
Kevin Holdaway, A View South With Freedom, New York
Lesley Warrington, Hinata
Lesley Linley, Marsco ‘ Framed’
Linda Baxter, Swan Seasons
Linda Wallis, Landscape with Raincloud
Linda Wallis, Landscape with Copse
Linzi Pattison, Red
Lois Wallace, Out of Reach
Lyn Lovitt, Pink Mug In Pastels
Lyn Lovitt, Cactus and Leaves
Majorie Collins, Still Life With Yellow Cup
Marie South, Kneeling Woman (Unique Print)
Marilyn Jeffries, Dolls
Mark Langley, Shepherd’s Temptation
Mark Elsmore, Omelette Arnold Bennett, WINNER sponsored by Welbeck Farm Shop
Mark Langley, Aspectus Apricus
Mark Wood, Earth’s Dark Warming
Matilda Mei Hewet, Lady In The Red Stripy Top
Matthieu Leger, Cormorant I
Matthieu Leger, Hornbill I
Maude Tricker, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Mickey Dell, Slapton I
Mickey Dell, Slapton II
Nick Lamb, Ark IV
Nick Hugh McCann, Brianna Sewell, Virtual Reality Art Critic
Nigel D Morpeth, On Dry Land
Olivier Leger, Turtles All The Way Down
Paul Woolley, Herbacious Border 3
Penny Kealey, In The Mind Of The Great Spirit
Phil Lockwood, Landscape 10
Poppy Magenta Hewett, Holes Where Windows Used To Be
Richard Sampson, No. 277
Rob Chapman, Consequences
Rob Chapman, Seeking Refuge
Robert Meeke, Elah’s Fabulous Tulips and the Poorly Chicken
Robert Twigg, Abstract II (1)
Roger Allen, Mount Famine & Kinder Bank
Roger Allen, Once We Were Great
Rosemary Firth, Flowers
Sally Hill, Bathers
Sally Brown, Nico Polo
Samson Edward Tudor, Russ (A Miners Life)
Sandy Bartle, Miles of Moorland
Sarah Sharpe, Weeping Mother
Sean Gallagher, London August 30th 2018
Sophie Holec, M Shark and W Shark Eating
Sophie Holec, Harry Potter and Buckbeak
Soraya Smithson, Novichok Poisoning
Steph Dix, Dutch Bantam
Susan Dodd, 250 Years of Circus, JOINT WINNER, The Harley Prize sponsored by The Harley Foundation
Susan Dodd, Beetle Diaries
Tracey Keeping, Fourteen
Tracey Keeping, Sisters, WINNER sponsored by The School of Artisan Food 
Trish Brown, Trace: Series 1
Val Hudson, Liminal ll
Vicky Platt, Chicken Thoughts
Vicky Platt, Pippi The Dog. WINNER sponsored by Welbeck Abbey Brewery 
Viv Howe, Harmony Reveal
Wayne Fallon, Rupert
Will Blagburn, The Giant of the Sea
Xenmint, Crack in Time