The Harley Open Exhibition is a celebration of 2D and 3D art, and gives artists, whether just starting out and experimenting, or experienced professionals the perfect opportunity to showcase their work.

Over the years, we have received entries from across the world as well as wonderful works from local artists, with a truly diverse selection of artworks in a variety of styles and media. Many of the pieces are for sale, allowing visitors the chance to purchase original artworks at a range of prices.

The Harley Open 2020 consists of 124 pieces of art made by 102 different artists living and working within 100 miles of the gallery. See the full list of exhibitors below.


£2000 – The Judges Prize sponsored by The Harley Foundation 
£750 – The Harley Prize sponsored by Latimer Hinks Solicitors 
£100 – The Community Champions Prize sponsored by Welbeck WI

Please join in as a selector during your visit to the exhibition and VOTE for your winning piece, using our ballot boxes in the main gallery spaces. The piece with the most votes will be granted the £500 People’s Prize on Friday 30th October 2020 during a virtual live discussion. Find out more.

£500 – The People’s Prize sponsored by Welbeck Estates Company Limited


Successful entries for The Harley Open 2020: 

Alistair Mavin, Self-portrait from Travelcard – WINNER – The Community Champions Prize sponsored by Welbeck WI

Andrea Parsons, Funky Fungi

Andrea Parsons, Rainbow Funky Fungi

Angela Maloney, Simple Sanctuary

Angela Maloney, The Garden

Angelo Murphy, Metal Teapot

Anne Stansfield, After Harry – WINNER The Harley Prize sponsored by Latimer Hinks Solicitors

Anne Samuel, Poached Eggs and Mushrooms from The Harley Café

Arantza Pardo, Study of Phenomenon No. 3

Arantza Pardo, Study of Phenomenon No. 5

Ashley Allen, Crow

Ashley Allen, The Frog

Beth Walker, Bromelia

Bryan Eccelshall, Saint Bartholomew Dreaming of Martin Kippenberger Dreaming of Théodore Géricault’

Callie Greaves, It Happened To The Best (And The Rest) Of Us

Caroline Greyling, 1993

Carolyn Blake, The Day Now Far Spent 1

Carolyn Blake, The Day Now Far Spent 9

Catherine Ray, Lime Tree Avenue

Charlie Howarth, Bedroom Filling With Smoke

Chris Cooper, Let Them Eat Cake

Courtney Dilks, Extinction

Craig Longmuir, Burbage

David Gurney, Intruder

David Williams, Drop

Deb Allitt, Walking in Autumn Woods, Kedleston Park

Deborah Lee, This Is Not My Green Chair

Denis Peach, Gaunless River in Spring

Diane Griffin, The Hidden Seeps

Emma Sidwell, Awaken The City

Emma Gardner, View II

Emma Gardner, View III

Erik Stira, ….And No Brakes, No Steering Wheel

Fiona Buck, Meadow I

Gabbie Pattison, Starfish

Geoff Litherland, Now and Not Yet

Geoff Litherland, Tangle Formations

George Turner-Gale, Tippos Tiger

Georgia Peskett, Light #1 (Sojourn 2019)

Georgia Peskett, Light #2 (Sojourn 2019)

Gill Edwards, Juxtapose

Graham Firth, Extended Family

Graham Firth, Dog Lovers

Hannah Cawthorne, The Garden of the Future

Hannah Cawthorne, Leó on the Beach

Instar, Nick Humphreys and Trish Evans, Of Waving Weed and Waiting Claws

Isaac Hepworth, Aging with Grace

Isaac Hepworth, To Be Frank

Jackie Berridge, Escape Rooms 2

Jane Mellor, Access Denied: Covid19

Janet Wootton, Wildflower Meadow

Jaqueline Warrington, Francis and the Birds

Jayne Cooper, The Laughing Bridesmaid

Jayne-Anita Smith, Reliquary

Jeannie Clark, Time

Jennifer Margaret Jones, Summer19

Jenny Oldknow, Park Lane, Heage

Jerry Daniel, Curbar Oak

Jill Davies, Woodland Walk

Jim McElvaney, Going Home

Jo Morley, Flamingo

Joseph Sheldon, Hole in the Wall

Judith Tucker, Dark Marsh: Winter Tangle

Judith Tucker, Dark Marsh: Winter Samphire

Julian Wright, Spanish Self Portrait

Julie Leggett, Wave

Kathryn Desforges, Support Structures

Kim Coulthard, Home Tree

Letitia Thompson, Icarus’ Sister

Linda Wallis, Woodland Sketch

Lisa Baraona, Ripe Fruit

Lois Wallace, These Days Can’t Last Forever

Louise Asher, Toys 1

Louise Asher, Toys 2

Lucy Stevens, Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Lucerne Red)

Lucy Stevens, Kingfisher (Blue Lobster)

Luke Tarpey, It Speaks and Yet Says Nothing 2

Lynda Crofts, VLTAVA

Madeline Pick, Hugo’s Barn

Marcin Szuba, Landscape from Svaneti WINNERThe Judges Prize sponsored by The Harley Foundation

Margaret Rose, Going Swimmingly

Maria Emilov, Under the Blossom Tree

Marie Muir, Social Isolation

Mark Langley, Clumber Park, Long Range Greenhouse

Martin Davies, ….the minutes, the hours, the days

Matt Lyons, Young Man with Long Fingers

Matthew Turner, Vostok 1

Michelle Hobbs, BAR

Myfanwy Williams, Distant Boundaries

Nick Hugh McCann, The Bell Inn Sawley 2019

Nicola Sanderson, Creeping In

Oliver Jones, Resilience

Oliver Jones, Reflection

Paul Mellor, Fence

Paul Mellor, Bear Pit

Paul Radburn, Falgu

Paul Redburn, Rock Edict

Paul Letchworth, Turbine Hall (green jumper child)

Polly Warren, Back to Back 1/8

Richard Baker, Desk 2

Roanna Wells, Glitch

Robert Wibberley, Landscap’d Head

Roger Allen, Clearing Showers, Rydal Water

Rose Wood, Man in Station

Rose Wood, Lady on the Tram

Rosemary Wels, Driving Snow

Ruth Murray, Erica

Ruth Murray, Fish Market, 100 Smirrells Road

Sally Brown, Flamboyant Flamingos

Sandra Moran, Decay #2

Sarah Tutt, Thirteen Forms

Shelley Mawbey, RED 2

Stephen Todd, Eruption of Waders (Humber Estuary)

Stephen Todd, Tide Out (Humber Estuary)

Stephen Grey, Self Portrait

Susan Dodd, Doll

Susan Dodd, St Dymphna – Patron Saint of Stress and Anxiety

Susan Issac, Rabbit Hole Day

Tom Palin, Scan

Tom Palin, Slip

Tony Kemplen, alt_moon 53°20’36.8″N 1°28’40.7″W

Tracey Keeping, Fifteen

Trish Brown, Alteration 1

Victoria Scholes, Companions or Self Portrait with Budgie

Victoria Scholes, A Birdseye View or the Girl and the Goldfinch

William Gregory MacArthur, Orange X


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