The Literacy Project is in partnership with Dr. Petula Bhojwani, Literacy Advisor at Nottinghamshire County Council and was developed to support vulnerable children.

For this exhibition, each child was asked to select a miniature and was then asked to create their own narrative, letting their imaginations thrive by exploring fictional names, expeditions, discoveries, achievements, and dreams – resulting in new and innovative stories of their own.

The miniature exhibition in The Portland Collection connects to the children’s ‘story boxes’ on display in The Harley Gallery’s Link Space.

The Portland Collection is known for its superb range of miniature paintings, dating back to the Tudor period, sixteenth century, and includes works by Hans Holbein and Nicholas Hilliard.

Find out more about The Literacy Project on a 30-minute FREE walk and talk tour, with Education and Outreach Manager, Dayle Green.