Under the government’s national lockdown restrictions we are currently closed, and we are planning to reopen the galleries and shop on Tuesday 18th May.

When we reopen, we ask that you wear masks and keep a distance, and we’ve got screens and sanitiser to help keep our visitors and staff safe.

We have spacious galleries, and we’ll take care to make sure that they never become overcrowded.

It’s so lovely to be talking to you from inside The Portland Collection gallery that has been closed for so many months now. We’ll be reopening in May and we’re starting on our cleaning regime and  new displays for the miniatures collection. Over at The Harley Gallery we’re also really busy. We’re getting ready to display our first exhibition from The Jerwood Collection of 20th century British art. And again, it’s just such a great feeling to be getting the gallery ready to invite visitors in again, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.