The generous support of our patrons and visitors is vital in helping us to develop our activities.

Donations have allowed us to run two key projects:

  • an ongoing project for Bassetlaw MIND in The Harley Pottery Studio, where we hold sessions for adults with mental health difficulties.
  • Lift Off!, a long-term project providing in-depth training and support to local schools.

If you would like to support our educational activities, please make a donation online, call 01909 501 700 or donate in person at The Harley Gallery or The Portland Collection.

Bassetlaw MIND Creative Therapies Partnership

Bassetlaw MIND believes in building confidence and self-worth through creative and practical projects. Service users and carers can attend weekly ceramics classes in The Harley Pottery Studio.  Here they learn new skills, while experiencing ceramics as a form of therapy.

The response has been amazing and the work that has been created is beautiful. We help people with a range of illnesses, from stress and anxiety to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. All members derive different benefits. Some like talking to like-minded people, some like the escape that creativity can bring, and some are comforted by moulding clay.

Nicola Rea, Bassetlaw MIND centre co-ordinator

The sessions are led by an experienced ceramics facilitator and explore a range of techniques while give freedom to use clay creatively.

Seeing the positive effects that this class is having on our service users fills me with pride. The feedback that we have received is truly amazing. One of our service users has gained so much confidence from this course that he has been successful in securing full-time employment.

Harriet Lawson, Facilitator and Bassetlaw Mind Administrator

The Harley Pottery Studio has also benefitted from a donation of £1000 of materials from C&V Ceramics, Ollerton.

Lift Off!

The long-term Lift Off! project with educational consultants Brochocka Baynes is now in its third year.

Lift Off! started in October 2014, providing long term arts support for 6 schools in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. It offered opportunities for Primary and Secondary schools to work with practicing artists, exploring new materials and learning new skills. The programme has since been refined and now offers in-depth training and an enhanced level of support to one partner school, Norbridge Academy. Lift Off! aims to provide teachers with practical training in arts education which will benefit successive classes for many years to come.

Learning about art, design and making are important childhood experiences in their own right. Art experiences have a special role to play in the development of aesthetic awareness, imagination, observation and practical making skills.

Anyone working with children, whether in the formal setting of a school or the informal setting of a gallery will be a more effective educator if they have some basic working knowledge of the stages through which children pass as they grow up.

It used to be thought that children were simply waiting to be filled with adult knowledge, morality and skills, including aesthetic awareness. We now see it differently. In order to survive babies want to learn and interact with the world around them. Curiosity is wired-in.

Brochocka Baynes

Lift Off! is funded by grant aid from the John Hemingway Trust and support from Caddick Construction.

To make a donation and support The Harley Foundation, please make a donation online, call 01909 501 700 or donate in person at The Harley Gallery or The Portland Collection.