Steve Handley trained as a sculptor in the 1960’s and taught for many years. He began to make furniture 12 years ago and has been working as a furniture designer and maker for the past 8 years.

Much of Steve’s inspiration comes from four sources: the agricultural past and rural debris; Irish country furniture; East European folk art; things made by the ‘unskilled’ out of resourceful necessity. His strength as a maker is in the re-invention of uses for abandoned objects.

Each Steve Handley piece is different and carefully made from reclaimed timber. Much of the decoration added to his tables, chairs and cupboards are rare gems from a bygone age, collected over the years by Steve.

They can be inscribed visibly with on of his own poetic rhymes or a special message straight from the heart maybe tucked away somewhere out of sight.

Steve Handley’s furniture is available to buy in The Harley Shop.