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Education at The Harley Gallery - Primary School Visit

Formal Education

We offer a range of school workshops which explore a variety of techniques and materials, from printing to sculpture. These workshops aim to inspire and engage children with our exhibitions by giving opportunities to understand and make art. Children will learn how to look more closely, use visual language to talk about art, and will also take part in activities to develop hand skills.

Our teacher trained Education and Engagement Manager, and/or an artist lead our workshops. We welcome visits from Early Years, Primary and Secondary aged children.

Learning about art, design and making are important childhood experiences in their own right. However, they are also deeply influenced by general physical, intellectual and emotional development and, in turn, contribute to it. Art experiences have a special role to play in the development of aesthetic awareness, imagination, observation and practical making skills.

Anyone working with Primary (or younger) children, whether in a formal setting of a school or the informal setting of a gallery or museum will be a more effective educator if they have some basic working knowledge of the stages through which children pass as they grow up.

It used to be thought that children were simply empty vessels waiting to be filled with adult knowledge, morality and skills. This included basic aesthetic awareness and an appreciation of beauty. We now see it differently. We now understand that in order to survive babies have to interact with the world around them. Evolution has programmed them to learn and equally importantly to want to learn. Curiosity is wired-in.

Brochocka Baynes, Educational Consultants

Primary Schools

Primary education groups are very welcome to visit for self-guided sessions. Worksheets for self-guided sessions can be downloaded here. Additionally, we provide;

  • Exhibition workshops. These hands-on half-day workshops aim to develop visual awareness, critical thinking and hand skills. We have limited places so suggest that you book quickly. Upcoming events are listed at the bottom of this page, or please email the Education and Engagement Manager, Dayle Green dgreen@harleygallery.co.uk to join the mailing list.


Secondary Schools

We can arrange exhibition tours and workshops for Secondary level groups upon request. We can also arrange sessions with our Studio Artists.

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Higher and Further Education

  • We can arrange exhibition tours for HE and FE groups upon request. We can also arrange sessions with our Studio Artists.


Our projects aim to collaborate with local schools and community groups and work to make our spaces accessible to all. We provide sessions that improve well-being, enrich teaching and make art more meaningful in schools.

Our regular long term projects provide in-depth learning opportunities across all ages. Our current projects include:

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Arts Mark Partner

The Harley Gallery is proud to be working in partnership with schools and settings on their Artsmark Award journey. By supporting Artsmark settings, we’re helping put the arts at the heart of education, inspiring young people to create, experience and participate in high quality arts and culture.

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